Friday, June 30, 2017


Do you ever have days where you wonder if technology is really all it's cracked up to be? Is it really worth all the time and effort that goes in to fixing it, trying to figure it out, or just dealing with it on a day to day basis?

I like to think I'm a technological person.  I can figure out most electronics, and if an issue arises, I can usually work my way through it.  At work my co-workers come to me if they are having computer or printer problems.  I'm the one that teaches patrons how to navigate their computers, use their electronic reading devices, and answer (basically) any question related to technology.

Why is it then, that out of all the computers at work, my work station has the most computer related problems.  EVER.  It's gotten so bad that I now have a "Computer Problem Log" that I keep at my desk to track all the issues so the IT guy will see that I'm not making them up.  They are serious problems.  Real problems.

Mr. IT guy was at my work yesterday (he comes every 2 weeks) and spent the majority of the day working on my computer.  It wanted to do the new Windows update (yet again). He tried updating it and after hours and hours (no joke - I think it was 4 hours) of chugging along, my computer decided it couldn't do the update and reverted back to installing the previous Windows version (yet again). He (Mr. IT guy) then admitted that yes, my computer has issues.  And it's very slow.  And if it doesn't shape up the next time he is here, we may have to take it out back and put it out of it's misery.  (One would think that would be comforting, the idea of getting a new computer.  But you see, this is a newer computer.  My work station always has issues no matter the computer.)

So my computer reinstalled the previous Windows before I went home yesterday (it does that by itself, isn't that nice?).  It was then fine (as fine as it could be).  I could use it.

I come in to work this morning (80 minutes early to get some work done) and turned it on....and my keyboard wouldn't work.  Okay, so I grabbed a new keyboard.


I played around with the keyboards for 10 minutes.


I forced the computer to shut down (it was stuck on the ctrl-alt-delete screen) and restarted it.

Blue screen.  Stuck again.

Forced it down.

Restarted it.

Message:  Windows did not restart properly, would you like to restart? think?

Forced it down.

Restarted it.

Blue screen.

Come on!  All I want to do is get a little work done.  I stared at the monitor willing it to come to life.


I'm done.

I grabbed my coffee cup and moved over to a co-workers desk (the perks of being the Assistant Director).

Searched google for a calming/relaxing song and found this.

And so my Friday begins.  Let's let someone else figure out my computer problems.  I'm done.

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