Monday, July 16, 2012

A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky - Jennifer Johnson

About the book...

What if the Right Choice Is the "Wrong" Guy?

The last thing Megan McKinney wants is a relationship.  As a secretary at a law firm, she sees the high volume of women who stop by to see her boss, Justin Frasure.  It's obvious the man finds pleasure in leading on women, a trait Megan finds revolting.

Justin is as frustrated as Megan.  He's only been a Christian for three months and has tried everything to keep the women from his past away.  He needs to find a church and finally visits Megan's, but he's surprised when she's less than enthusiastic about his decision.

In spite of her reservations, Megan begins to notice Justin's passions for his newfound faith, but she's also pulled toward a new man in her life, Colt Baker, a guy who's spent his life following the Lord. Ever since agreeing to teach Colt's niece piano, Megan finds herself looking forward to the lessons--and to time spent with Colt.

Can Justin's growing faith win Megan's heart?  Or will Colt's consistent character prevail?

My thoughts...

First of all, I'm a cover person.  Before I will even read the back of a book, or check out the title, the picture better grab my attention.  And what an amazing cover this book has!  I would love to be living in this house, with sprawling acres of land and horses in my fences!

 Although Jennifer Johnson has published many other stories, this was the first one I have read of hers, she is a "new-to-me" author, and she didn't disappoint!  The dynamics between Megan and Marianna (her twin sister) are phenomenal, and it reminded me of the way my own twin daughters interact.  Loyal to each other to the end, no one better mess with the other sister.  But, if that sister needs a little prodding or meddling, the other twin is just the one to do it! 

The relationship dynamics between the twins and their parents are as different as night and day...and  I found myself sympathizing with Megan and what she was going through.  At times Marianna seemed a bit insensitive, but human nature is usually about making choices, often selfish one's at that.

From the very start, I knew who I wanted Megan to "choose".  For me, it was quite obvious which gentleman would be the best choice, Colt or Justin, and I only hoped she would see it to!  Boy was I relieved when the ending turned out the way I wanted!  :)

This was a super fast read for me, I read it in 2 days whenever I could snatch some time!  I give this book 5 stars and would highly recommend it!

**I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion**

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