Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Girl's Still Got It - Liz Curtis Higgs

About the book...

You know Ruth's story.
Now meet her in person.
And prepare to be changed.

Walk with Ruth as she travels from Moab to Bethlehem, certain of her calling, yet uncertain of her future.  Hold naomi's hand and watch love put the pieces of her broken life back together.  And hang out with Boaz, their kinsman-redeemer, who blesses both women and honors God, big time.

With best-selling author Liz Cuirtis Higgs by your side, you'll tarry in the corners of their ancient houses, listen to their conversations, and consider every word of every verse until you can say, "I totally get the book of Ruth.  And I see what God is trying to teach me through this rags-to-riches redemption story--he has a plan for my life."

Girl, does he ever!

My thoughts...

The title of this study, The Girl's Still Got It, could just as easily be referring to Liz Curtis Higgs.  After umpteen book releases, she is still able to deliver what readers are looking for!

While I did read through this study on my own, I think I would have enjoyed it a tad more if I had been with a group of ladies, able to discuss and fellowship along the way!  That being said, I cannot wait to introduce this book to some friends, and possibly get a group study started!

If you're familiar with Higgs books, you know she deals it straight...tells it like it is...doesn't hold anything back.  And we wouldn't expect anything different from her!  In her normal writing style, Higgs walks us through the life of Ruth, one misstep at a time!  Things may not always be smooth on her path, there do happen to be some rocks/boulders that get in her way, but she just keeps trudging along none the less.  And just wait until Boaz enters the picture! Talk about some humorous writing!

If you're looking for a refreshing new study to work your way through, I highly suggest this one!  There is even a study guide in the back that you can do with friends or on your own!

I give this study 5 stars, and loved the new, refreshing way, Ruth's story was told!

**I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.**

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