Friday, February 19, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

Publisher: Harmony
Pages: 512
Publication Date: September 1, 2015

In their debut cookbook, the Trim Healthy Mama’s share hundreds of delicious, healthy recipes to help readers successfully slim down while eating well.  This companion cookbook to the bestselling Trim Healthy Mama Plan is just what readers have been waiting for. It features simple, mouthwatering, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner—including slow cooker and one-pot meals, hearty soups and salads, omelets and waffles, pizzas, breads and many indulgent sweet treats. With  pantry-stocking advice, time-saving tips & info on how to cook for the entire family, the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook offers a delicious and nutritious way to make trim and healthy meals!  You can purchase their book from Amazon 

My thoughts...

We have all the Trim Healthy Mama books at the library where I work, and they check out all the time!  It was for that very reason I decided I needed to take a look at this new cookbook that came out.  I mean really, what could all the hype be about?  The book is on!

Besides having a pleasing cover (I'm a cover fanatic for those that may not know), I love the tips and pointers that are placed throughout this book, along with the many different pictures.  The recipes are divided up in to different categories, and my favorite are the Crockpot ones!  Just in case you didn't know, the Crockpot is one of my most absolute favorite kitchen inventions.  Well, that and the coffee maker! 

Now I will admit...I am some what of a cookbook junkie.  Just ask my husband.  He'd be glad to confirm it.  However, the thing that sets this apart from a lot of other similar books is that I have to keep reminding myself that these recipes are healthy, they are good for my family.  The list of ingredients and names of the recipes are delicious sounding, and the pictures of the food items look amazing!  Like seriously...there are not enough meals in the day to try them all!

I would suggest going to your library and checking this book out, but really, cut to the chase and buy a copy of it for yourself.  And a friend, they'll thank you for the gift.  Then sit down with your children and let them help you plan the meals by picking out some recipes they would like to try.  It's okay, you can be sneaky about it, you don't have to tell them the recipes are healthy.  In the end it's a win-win situation!

And just in case you couldn't tell, I give this cookbook 5 stars!

**I was given a copy of this book for my honest opinion.

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