Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Deepening sea: Reagan and RJ in Space Mini-Adventure - Mr. Richard M. Collins

My Thoughts:

An author puts a lot of time and consideration in to their works of art known as books.  While some authors will complain about negative reviews, they have to realize, putting themselves out there with their books is like an actor releasing a new movie.  Not everyone is going to like it, you will have both positive and negative reviews.  I would hope they would expect honest reviews, not just something to build their ego or make them feel good about what they have produced.  More often than not, a reviewer is able to find something positive to say about it, even if they did not thoroughly enjoy it.  And let's be honest...what reviewer likes writing a negative review?  With that being said, the positive to this book is the spiritual aspect and the great alternative it could be for many kids. Note, I said "could be", not that it is.

The publishing aspects of this graphic novel leave a lot to be desired.  I work in a library, I've reviewed books for years, so I've seen it all.  The layout is poorly put together, and the "drawings" or pictures look like the beginning stages of a rough draft, and the pages appeared to have just been printed off of a home computer.  This is not an item we would be able to place in our library either, I'm afraid it would just not circulate well with the others it has to compete with.  In order for this graphic novel to be taken seriously, I think a complete overhaul would need to occur.  There are some projects that should just remain self-published for the enjoyment of one's own family, and this is one, sadly, is one of those items.

**I received this item from BookCrash in exchange for my honest review**

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