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The Ultimate Girls' Body Book - Dr. Walt Larimore and Dr. Amaryllis Sanchez Wohlever

Genre:  Children’s Books; Health;
Publisher:  Zonderkidz
Publication Date:  12/24/2013

Rating:   4.5 out of 5  Excellent  

PROS:  Super-fast and easy read; Question & answer style chapters; Religious based

CONS:  May not be age appropriate for daughter to read on her own.

Growing up can be hard for a child, not to mention how hard it is on their parents!  With maturity can come many questions, questions that may seem silly and embarrassing for girls to ask an adult about.  And just because parents are adults doesn’t mean that they have all the answers!  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book that asked the questions your tween/teen were dying to ask?  And what if that book also gave the answers, backing them up with biblical principles? Well guess what…this is the book that does just that!

Wow, what an amazing book this is!  I have to admit…I am that shy/private/awkward/embarrassed parent that has been dreading having “the talk” with my twin 9 year old girls!   (I mean really…I can barely have a, ahem, “that type” of discussion with my husband.)  My girls and I discussed a few things this past year, just barely scratching the surface of what they were ready to hear.  At that point we had a book that was age appropriate that we were working our way through, talking about personal hygiene and other basic maturing topics.  I knew at some point over the next few years I would need to have a deeper and lengthier discussion with them, after all, as parents we want them to learn about such subject matter from us and what the Bible has to say about it.   I was thrilled when I got a chance to review this book…it could be the answer to all my future issues! J

The book starts out with a “Note to Parents”, followed by a “Note to Girls” by the authors.  They explain how there are several ways to read through this book, one of them being to read it together, mom and daughter.  After the “notes”, it then jumps in with both feet to “Question 1”, otherwise known as chapter 1.  I LOVE the layout of the chapters.  By asking the question first, this allows the mom (or daughter) to find the question they are looking for and wanting the answer to.  After the subheading is stated, the next few pages dive right in to the answer to the question, with either 1 or both of the authors giving their insight.  Scripture is quoted throughout, letting the reader know God’s words on the subject at hand.

It’s also very reader friendly…by setting the questions up first, the reader can pick and choose which ones to read based on the age and maturity of where their child is currently at.  Some subject matter is appropriate for early tween/tween girls, while others may not be suitable until they are older teens.  Which is where, in my opinion, the one downfall comes in to play.  I would not feel comfortable giving this book to my tween daughters to read on their own, risking the chance that they would read ahead into material they are not ready for.  Topics range from bras, boys, periods, pimples, sex, pornography, and more.

They end the back similar to how it started, with a letter to both the daughters and the parents.  Resource information is also given, pointing the reader in the direction they may need to go to get more help on certain questions.  This section is set up by question; so iof you would like more info on question 10 (Should I go on a diet), find that question with the web addresses listed and go from there.

Overall, I give this book 4.5 stars and am looking forward to sharing it with my daughters!  I would highly recommend it to other parents, even if you only need to brush up on a few topics yourself before giving the talk.  I think this book could be a great resource for an aunt or female friend to go through with a tween girl that may not have their mother available to them for whatever reason.

**I received this book in exchange for my honest review**

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