Friday, March 21, 2014

Balancing it All - Candace Cameron Bure

Genre:  Christian Living; Women’s Issues
Publisher:  B & H Books
Publication Date:  1/01/2014
Rating:   5 out of 5  Near Perfect  

PROS:  Interesting read; Helpful tips; Informative

CONS:  none

Busy mom, wife, actress, friend…Candace Cameron Bure seems to have her plate as full as the next woman, but how does she do it all and make it look so effortlessly all at the same time?  Acting since the ripe age of 5, Bure has always had many things going on at once, learning how to multi-task at an early age.  Women on the outside looking in always ask how she gets everything accomplished with such a busy life! 

Open and honest, Bure shares her Christian based faith and some inside tips on how to balance a crazy and hectic schedule.  The first to admit she doesn’t have all the answers, she does let us in on a few secrets that she has found to work over the years. 

From growing up on the set of Full House, to meeting her husband Val at the age of 18, Bure walks us through many stages of her life.  A few chapters are testimonial based, so we learn how she and Val came to Christ at different points in their married life.  Bure’s brother, Kirk Cameron, played a significant role in reintroducing her to God, and helping her get connected in a local church where they were living at the time.  Outspoken about her beliefs, she realizes that not everyone agrees with her or how she talks about them, but she is just in awe of her God and how she has been changed and cannot help but want to tell others about Him!

The chapters seem to flow together, connecting different life events along the way.  From her engagement and wedding, to having her children, she clues us in on what it was like while Val was playing Hockey and she was at home with the kids.  Having decided to be a stay-at-home mom, she even gave homeschooling a try at one point!

Bure writes in such a way that you feel as if you are sitting down for coffee with a good friend.  Realistic, open, and truly transparent are just a few words that come to mind while she is sharing her story.  Difficult spiritual times will arise in our lives, and she shares one particular journal entry from 2011 when she was “spiritually dry”.  To share such raw emotions can open one up for criticism and failure, but Bure wanted others to know what she has gone through, and what God has brought her through.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and getting a sneak peak in to the life of Candace Cameron Bure.  You may know her as DJ on Full House, Summer on Make it or Break it, or another character on one of her many movies, but until you read this book, you will not know her stories of being a wife, mother, and role model to women of all ages.  

**I was given this book in exchange for my honest review**

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