Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fifteen Minutes - Karen Kingsbury

Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication Date: November 7, 2013
Rating: 5 Out of 5 Near Perfect

PROS: Fast read; Typical of Author's Writing

CONS: Ends too soon, hopefully a sequel to follow!

Zack Dylan has loved three things his whole life...God, his family, and singing. After meeting Reese Weatherly during his freshmen year of college, she also could be added to that list. But now the family farm is in trouble. After a devastating tornado took out most of their barn, the Dylan family isn't sure how they will make it. Most of their horse borders have pulled their livestock from their farm and moved them to other locations. Added to that financial strain is Zack's sister, AJ, who is dealing with a sickness on top of her Down's Syndrome. A new doctor may just be what she needs, but that too requires money.

Zack always said singing for God was enough. But that was before the money trouble hit. The reality show, Fifteen Minutes, could be just the ticket he needs to solving all their problems. Similar to American Idol, Reese knows her boyfriend can win it all. But at what cost? Zack finally makes the decision to go on the show, although his family is not fully supporting him. Grandpa Dan is afraid he will lose much more than he is set to gain, but Zack assures him his faith and love for his family can withstand anything this world throws at him.

Enter Zoey Davis. High school cheerleader set on wining Fifteen Minutes no matter the cost. Willing to do anything to get to the top, Zack is soon caught in her web of deception. Clear cut decisions are no longer easy to make, and Zack soon finds himself bending his beliefs, “just this one time”. In the midst of the Hollywood glamor, there seems to be one saving grace. Chandra Olson is one of the celebrity judges for the show, but she knows all too well the cost of fame. Knowing she was placed on the show for two reasons, one to find meaning, and two to make a difference in someone's life, Chandra sets her mind on warning/saving Zack. Can he listen to the voice of God and the warnings of this judge to come out unscathed? Will he still stand for what he believes in when his Fifteen Minutes are over?

Wow! This was definitely a read in one sitting book! A fan of reality TV shows in general, I loved following Zack's story throughout this book. Kingsbury did an excellent job with the characters in this was nice to meet new ones that have not been in any of her previous novels. The raw emotion and real life experiences Zack went through while auditioning for the show is a gentile reminder for anyone considering the entertainment business and what may be out there. While things may seem glamorous from one side of the picture, there is always a back side to that story, and there is always a cost for fame. Not just in Hollywood or television, I've seen friends pay the cost in theater as well. What is a one time decision, or a one time exception, can quickly turn in to the norm and soon the lines have become blurred.

Fifteen Minutes would make an excellent gift for any believer considering the entertainment industry. Kingsbury fans will want to make sure they pick up a copy of this newest release, this may just be my favorite Kingsbury book yet! I would love to see this story continue in a second novel, there were a few loose ends that could use some tying up...I'm not good left to my own imagination, I would love for the author to tell me how their story ends!

**I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion**

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