Friday, May 24, 2013

Time - Rod Stewart


01     She Makes Me Happy
02     Can't Stop Me Now
03     It's Over
04     Brighton Beach
05     Beautiful Morning
06     Live the Life
07     Finest Woman
08     Time
09     Picture In A Frame
10     Sexual Religion
11     Make Love To Me Tonight
12     Pure Love

Rod Stewart is timeless.  A name that many know, with a distinct sound that is easily recognizable.  When I first put in the CD, as soon as the music started a smile came to my face.  Yes, this was definitely the sound I remembered from him.  And then came the voice...again, yes, certainly this was the voice I remembered from all those years ago.

While listening to the different tracks, there were several things that came to mind. While I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the cd, I was a bit disappointed that so many of the lyrics revolved around sex. While I get that the album has a love theme to it, I could have done without the lyrics.  This is for sure not a cd I will be playing in the family van, with lyrics not intended for children.

Now, is that to say there weren't any songs I enjoyed?  No,  there were for sure some catchy tunes included!  I found myself tapping along to several, not analyzing or thinking about the lyrics.  One could easily get lost just listening to Stewart's voice!

If I were to turn the vocals down, and rate it as an instrumental cd, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.  But, seeing as how I can not do that, overall I would give this 2.5 stars, which earns it a rating of "average".

**I was given this in exchange for my honest review**

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