Monday, March 18, 2013

Wishing on Willows - Katie Ganshert

Rarely do I enjoy a book equally from the beginning to the end.  Sometimes along the way, I find my interest waning, and sometimes I check out all together.  You wonder what an author was thinking, why they chose to write the story they did.

But, hold up, that was NOT the case with Wishing on Willows!  I LOVED this much more than the first book even!  I was so delighted from the very first page to the very last, I don't even know where to begin!

The Characters...

Katie Ganshert writes the characters with such detail and depth that I truly felt as if I was in the story with them, personally meeting and spending time with them!  From Robin to Ian, to Bethany and even Mayor Ford, I could easily find people in my everyday life that were similar to those and relate with them even more.

Little Caleb stole my heart from the very beginning, and I quickly hoped he would overcome his fears, and learn what it is to trust again.  The same could be said for his mom, Robin.  While her issues may not solely be due to a lack of trust, she also needed to overcome her fears and learn to how to open her heart back up to love.  Both Caleb and Robin had an excellent family support system rallying behind them, cheering them on, and fighting for them at the same time.  The kind of family that knows what it is to live through heartache, stand beside each other through the pain, and come out stronger in the end.

The Plot...

Robin found herself in danger of losing her cafe, the one she built in memory of her late husband.  With Ian's developing firm at the center of the mess, Robin soon found herself at her whits end.  While still trying to maintain her grace and composure, Robin learns that sometimes the things that matter most in life are not always things.

While I found this story to be very fast paced, I did find myself skimming over the chapters that had Robing reminiscing about her life with Micah.  I quickly found I was more interested in the here and now, rather than the back story that found Robin where she was today.  Did I miss out on any vital information?  I don't think so, I didn't feel that the story was lacking, and the story continued to make sense to me!  :)  But if you're the type that has to read a book word for word, you'll have to read those chapters and let me know!


Again, I tell you I LOVED this book!  I honestly didn't expect to like it as well as I did, the first in the series was just OK for me.  I have found in the past, when a series starts out as just OK, it is usually down hill from there.  But so not the case with this one!  Ganshert started out with an average book, and quickly stepped it up with Wishing on Willows!  This is by far a solid 5 star story!  I am hoping there is another one in the series to follow, I mean, after all, we do need to find out what happens with Amanda!

Interested in purchasing this book for yourself?  Visit here to pick up a copy for you and a friend!  You'll definitely want to share this with someone else.   I'm a firm believer in sharing great books with good friends!

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