Friday, August 3, 2012

 Courtney Walsh...a new name for me.  Until, exactly 15 minutes ago, I had no idea who she was!  I accidentally stumbled across her name via Facebook, so I headed over to her page to check her out.  Yes, it was most definitely because she was hosting a giveaway.  I mean, really...what girl can turn down a chance to win free prizes??

After looking through her blog, and seeing what she was about, I just had to share the news with my readers!  Okay...yes, I do get another entry into her contest for blogging about her, but let's not go there! I was saying...

Courtney Walsh is the author of A Sweethaven series along with several scrapbooking books, and from the looks of them, she is an amazing scrapper!  The latest in her series, A Sweethaven Homecoming, is her second  novel to be released.  And boy, is she celebrating in a big way!  Make sure to stop by her blog, Telling Stories, and read the post, A Launch Day Giveaway, and enter to win a fantastic prize with many goodies!

Her books, including A Sweehaven Homecoming, are available on Amazon !

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