Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eyes of Justice - Lis Wiehl with April Henry

Back cover info...

When one of the Triple Threat is Murdered, all eyes turn to justice.

Cassidy, Allison, and Nicole fight for justice everyday -- Cassidy as a crime reporter, Nicole as an FBI agent, and Allison as a federal prosecutor.  Together they're a Triple Threat to be reckoned with.  A force that, together, has solved the toughest mysteries.

Until a ruthless killer finds a way to isolate and murder one of the three.

When the authorities keep the survivors at arm's length in the investigation, the women's desire for justice goes into overdrive.  They find an unexpected ally in a quirky private investigator named Ophelia whose unorthodox methods seem to offer a possible breakthrough in the case. 

"Yet just as the police appear to have the killer in custody and justice within sight, the murderer strikes again.  Not knowing whom to trust, the team must engage in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse where nothing can be taken at face value...and nothing will ever be the same.

My thoughts...

Wow!  What a fast paced book!  Eyes of Justice is book 4 of the Triple Threat series, but don't worry, if you haven't read the first 3 you will still enjoy reading this one!

Mysteries abound in this story, and the authors constantly kept me guessing.  Not once throughout the book did I think I knew who the murderer was, there was one main suspect, but the evidence just wasn't there to back up the suspicions (never fear, I'm not giving away any of the story).

Nicole, Cassidy, and Allison have such a great relationship among them.  They are 3 strong women, each with their own opinions and convictions.  They are able to work together, hold true to their beliefs, and never compromise in their jobs.  They knew each other back in high school, but did not become friends until their 10 year high school reunion! 

The only downside to Eyes of Justice...I felt that there were some loose ends that had not been completed.  I am hoping there is a 5th book in the series, I would love to have some questions answered!  I did feel that the very end of the book, between the last few chapters, was rushed, that is where most of the unanswered questions were left.

If your looking for a mystery, this is a 5 star book you'll want to make sure to read!

**I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.**

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  1. Excellent review for a fabulous book. I've read others in this series, and like those, this book is a great blend of mystery, suspense and chick lit. I agree, the friendships between the women are portrayed realistically, complete with occasional insecurities and self-doubts, but also fierce loyalty. The characters mature and progress as the story unfolds.
    The murder of one of the main characters is definitely more shocking if you’ve read the previous books, because you’re more emotionally connected to all the characters. So I’d recommend reading the other books in the series first! But then read this one—you’re going to love it.