Saturday, October 15, 2011

Married Mom, Solo Parent - Carla Anne Coroy

 About the book:

"Who knew that a married mom could feel like a single mom?  

Carla Anne Coroy knows the struggle!  As a veteran solo parent, she has a passion to share her story -- the good and the bad -- to encourage other married women who feel like they're going it alone.  Whether your husband is away on business, serving in the military, or busy with a hobby, Married Mom, Solo Parent offers encouragement, advice, and answers to the tough questions:

  •  How do I honor my husband and teach my children to do the same?
  • How do I overcome loneliness, insecurity, and anger?  
  • How do I avoid emothionally checking out of my marriage?
  • How do I find some time just for me?
With practical suggestions and biblical teaching, this down-to-earth book will equip you to pursue your high calling and tap into God's strength to face the daily challenge of being a married mom, solo parent.

About the author:

Carla Anne Coroy runs the Married Single Mom blog at She speaks regularly and serves as a staff writer for an online Christian women’s magazine Mentoring Moments for Christian Women. Carla Anne lives in Canada with her husband and four homeschooled children. For more information, visit
My thoughts:

I actually found myself relating to this book, despite my circumstances!  My husband does not work extremely long hours, rarely comes home and spends hours on a hobby, nor does he travel for his job.  But there have been times in my parenting life where I have had the fleeting thought, "This must be what a single parent feels like". 

I try not to be a nagging wife, but there are times where I wish I could get more help with some household chores, a little more help in caring for the kids, or just a little more attention from him for myself.  Through reading Carla's book, I found a challenge; "Simple, but not easy.  Biblical, but not found in a particular chapter or verse.  Noble, but not often applauded.  Easily undertaken, but needs God's help to accomplish."

The Challenge
for the married solo parent is to be
a woman whose heart seeks after God;
a wife who honors her husband and teaches her children to do likewise;
a mother who teaches her children how to
seek after God, honor him, obey him, and love him in all things
while practically caring for their needs,
all the while leaving room in the family for her husband to be
the man, husband, and father God created him to be.

No matter your circumstances, where you may find yourself in your parenting stage of life right now, I highly suggest reading this book!  

I give this book 5 stars, there is something in it for everyone!

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review from the Litfuse Publicity Group.

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