Friday, January 23, 2015

Shattered - Dani Pettrey

The McKenna’s are a tight knit family, a family that plays hard and loves deeply.  Their inner circle has grown some over the years, and there always seems to be someone who is alone and deserving of the same type of love.  And now that they are getting older, a few of the siblings seem to be headed toward the altar, so their circle will only be getting larger!
Just home from her brother’s engagement party, Piper is overjoyed when her brother Reef comes to see her.  She notices that he is covered in blood, and soon realizes that it’s not under the best of circumstances.  In town for a snowboarding competition, Reef tries explaining what happened, and to whom it happened to, a girl he has been known to date.  They quickly realize everything is pointing to murder, with Reef at the front of the suspect list, but Piper and her siblings know he isn’t capable of killing anyone.  Now if she could just convince her long time friend, and one of the strays her family took in, Detective Landon Grainger.
Landon wants more than anything for Reef to be innocent, but all the evidence is saying otherwise.  With his boss looking for re-election (and wanting this to be a quick open and shut case), Landon knows that this is one case he will have to solve on his own…with Piper by his side.  Lord help him!  Constant companions, both Piper and Landon start seeing each other in a whole new light, the good and the bad.  With a killer on the loose, and tracking their every move, can they solve the murder and stay alive long enough to clear Reef’s name?
Shattered is the second book of the Alaskan Courage series, following Submerged.  Pettrey is an excellent author painting vivid word pictures which allow her readers to feel as if they are there, part of the story.  Brought to life are the beautiful nature settings, the realistic relationships and their  circumstances, and the all-too-real law enforcement scenes.
Not one to shy away from details, Pettrey’s knowledge of all that is related to law enforcement and murder investigations help her stand out in a pool of thriller novels.  Pettrey has a firm grasp on what an investigation looks like from beginning to end, which leaves one wondering the extent of her research for this story!
This is one series that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat, peeking around corners, looking for the next exciting scene.  Readers can only hope the next novel is soon to follow!

**I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion**

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