Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Parents Love

It's amazing what a parent's love for their child will get them to do...

*step out of their comfort zone, and become an extrovert, if only for the evening.

*put fear aside to teach the child that it is possible to overcome what they fear the most.

*act silly and dance as if no one is watching, even though you can feel the hundreds of eyes glued to your every movement.

*put aside all the housework that needs to be done just to sneak in one more snuggle before bed.

*sleep on a lightly carpeted cement floor with 400 strangers because your child wants to attend this once in a lifetime event.

*coach a Cheerleading squad even though you know nothing about the sport, and never cared to learn in the past, just because your child asked you to.

*allow your almost 12 year old to attend a dance because he wants to jump on the bounce houses that will be there, not actually attend the dance to dance.

*write a blog post on a bleacher, in a cold 4H building because your child needed to get in a few rounds of Archery this month.

A parents love is amazing, unfailing in its truest form.  A child can get their parent to do just about anything for them, just for the sake of love.

Yet some children do not have these type of parents, and some parents don't have a child to do this for.  

And for that very reason, I will hug my children just a little bit tighter, and just a little but longer than needed tonight.  Just for the sake of love!


  1. Wow, Shondra... so well said! And I still hug mine, even though they're grown, every chance they'll let me! Deb

    1. Thanks Deb! My husband always teases our children that I will be the "creepy" mom that sneaks into their room when they are full grown and still wants to rock them (from the book, "I'll Love You Forever").