Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nail 32

Wow...I don't often blog about movies, but when I do, you know they're what I consider to be the best of the best!  "Nail 32", a little known movie that released in 2015, is what I would consider a small, low budget movie.  So small, in fact, it's actually hard to get your hands on a copy unless you purchase directly from the website.  There are no big name actors, fancy movie sets, or high tech film techniques.  But don't let all that scare you off from watching it.  Have I lost you yet?  😊  I hope not - keep reading.  
Every summer one of my family's highlights is always the rodeo that takes place at our county fair. Barrel racing, bronc riding, and rodeo clowns just about says it all!  

When I first heard about this movie, it grabbed my attention and I knew I had to watch it.  A true story about a rodeo cowboy who was told that there was no such thing as a "Christian Cowboy".  (What???)

It took a while to get my hands on a copy of the movie (I was purchasing it for the library where I work).  There may have been a delay in production or something else pushed back the availability of the film, but I was in contact with the films website for months trying to find out when it would become available.  I was finally able to order it....and then I waited.  It arrived earlier this week and I was able to watch it tonight.  It did not disappoint!

Full of truth (minus the part about there not being any Christian Cowboys), this movie had me laughing as well as crying.  I was glad I was home alone.  I was quickly caught up in the life of Buck, and those he came in contact with during his life.  I think the thing that got to me the most was remembering it was based on a true story while I was watching it.  They even wrapped it up nicely at the end by having one of the real life people in Buck's life talk for a few minutes.

 I give this movie 5 stars and recommend it as a must watch!  

Some background on the movie (

Jasper ‘Buck’ Livingston made a decision early in his life that influenced and changed the cowboy culture.  Through failure and disappointment he learned that although one person cannot change the world, it takes only one to start. Buck strategized his life purpose one cowboy at a time.

Woven within the film is Buck’s incredible life journey as a rodeo cowboy, rancher father, and preacher.  It’s an exhilarating and emotional true to life story of an ordinary man from north Texas who served an extraordinary purpose.

The film depicts the grueling travels of the rodeo circuit, from the backbreaking bull riding to the musical oasis of the honkytonks.  It portrays both the picturesque culture of the American rancher while dispensing cowboy pride and simplistic life solutions. 

Just as 32 nails attach the shoes to a horse; ‘Nail 32’ clenches the importance of men being courageous, honorable, and truly God fearing!  As each nail serves a purpose; each life matters. 

Can a cowboy be a Christian and can a Christian be a cowboy?  Either way you answer it, ‘Nail 32’ encourages all men to find the Lord before you need Him, and never, ever sell out your pride or saddle - 'Cause life's a long, long ride'. 

Interested in purchasing a copy for yourself?  Stop by JC Films website, or try to obtain a copy on Amazon.

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