Thursday, March 12, 2015

Remnants: Season of Fire - Lisa Tawn Bergren

Book Description
Season of Fire is bestselling author Lisa T. Bergren’s second book in the Remnants series, continuing the story of Andrei and her knight Duncan, two teens trained since birth to restore peace and order to a world in chaos.
After tackling her first mission and coming to terms with her power of empathy, Andrei and her fellow Remnants discover their first battles were only a taste of what is to come. As the Sons of Sheol continue their assault on the world, planning to keep all hope dead, the Remnant finds itself battling within its ranks. With everyone pursuing what they feel is the best course of action, trouble mounts—and Andrei finds herself in terrible danger at the hands of Keallach. The Remnant must travel to Italy and find a way to fight as one before it is too late.
About the Author
Lisa T. Bergren is the author of over forty books, with a combined count of over two million copies sold. She has written bestselling children’s books, award-winning YA (River of Time Series: Waterfall), popular historical fiction, contemporary fiction, women’s nonfiction, and gift books. She is a writer and editor residing in Colorado Springs, CO, with her husband and three children. You can find out more about Lisa at
My Thoughts...
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the past couple years I have been drawn into the Science Fiction genre, which I never really read before.  And what better mix than to have a top selling Christian Fiction author write Science Fiction!  I love reading Bergren's books...they are full of excitement, adventure, and pure entertainment.  She is an excellent author with great writing skills, the works flow across the pages, which in turn lets me fly through them as I'm reading.  Definitely not a slow read!
I give this book 4 stars and highly recommend the series for teens and older!
**I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion**

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