Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story - Dee Henderson

Genre: Books; Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: 5/1/2013
Rating: 5 out of 5 Near Perfect

PROS: Short, fast paced novella; Fans of the O'Malley siblings will enjoy this novella

CONS:  none

Jennifer, the youngest of the O'Malley siblings, finally has a novella all to herself. Long before The Negotiator or any other O'Malley story was ever told, Jennifer's love story began to unfold. A busy pediatric physician living in Texas, Jennifer soon meets Tom, a handsome, and single, surgeon. What starts out as friendship, soon leads to both falling in love and contemplating marriage. Tom introduces Jennifer to Jesus, but can she introduce him to her family?

Dee Henderson, a well known author of christian fiction, brings readers back together to experience a true love story, and the beginning of the O'Malley series. In true Henderson form, Jennifer's story is so eloquently written that even the toughest of subjects (cancer) can be brought front and center and discussed in a way that leaves hope for the hopeless. But as we learn throughout the story, with God we are never truly hopeless, we always have hope through Him who gives us strength.

If you're looking for a fast read, you'll definitely want to check out this book. 103 short pages, this is easily a read-in-one-sitting book! Paragraph and chapters flow well, which leads to quick page turning, which in turn, leads to the end of the book before you know it!

Fans of the O'Malley's will love to reconnect with the family they came to love years ago. And speaking of years ago, the first in the series, The Negotiator, was released almost 9 years ago! While I truly loved Jennifer, I will admit, I may have to read back through the O'Malley series to see where her continued story ends up. As mentioned at the end of this novella, Jennifer's story unfolds throughout the O'Malley series, so it is not wrapped up neatly by the end of this book.

The sweet unfolding of Jennifer, and her introduction to Christ, will leave new readers searching the shelves for the entire O'Malley Series, books 1-7, which will then lead them on a search for Henderson's Uncommon Heroes series!

**I received this book in exchange for my honest review**

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