Friday, June 22, 2012

A Sister's Forgiveness - Anne Schmidt

About the book...

Could you forgive someone who killed your child? Jeannie must, to preserve her family. Sisters Emma and Jeannie are best friends, and so are their teenage daughters Sadie and Tessa. But when a tragic accident results in Tess’s death—and Sadie is responsible—both families are devastated. Each sister must find a way from heartbreak and anguish to solace and forgiveness—but is there anything to be salvaged from a world that lies in ruins?

My thoughts...

This book was a tad slow for me, it seemed to drag at some points.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not a fan of certain writing; switching back and forth between characters, each chapter coming from a different persons perspective. With that said, it was a good storyline.  Well...good in a sad, depressing sort of way!

I loved the family dynamics in the beginning.  Emma and Jeannie's families are so intertwined, it's hard to know where one begins and the other ends.  They spend time together, loving each other, sharing in this journey called life.  They care for each others children as if they were their own, and that is where the problems begin.

Jeannie has a hard time saying no to Sadie and her plain life.  She longs to give her what Tessa has, a bit more of the contemporary world.  She often oversteps her position in Sadie's life, forgetting that she is the Aunt, not the mother.  Emma is forgiving, knowing that Jeannie only wants what is best for Sadie.  It wasn't too long ago that Jeannie was Mennonite also, and understands the struggles of wanting to fit in.

What happens after the accident can only be described as pure devastation for both families.  My heart was breaking for Matt, Sadie's brother, while reading this.  Just as in real life, the siblings of the victims are often overlooked, as the adults involved are dealing with their own pain, their own emotions.  He was struggling in every area of his life, yet no one could see it.

Geoff, Tessa's father, is so filled with anger towards Sadie that he cannot see straight.  While I understand that this is a "normal" reaction to what happened, it is hard to understand the path he is traveling down, especially when it comes to Matt.  Although I have never been in the position he was in, I can only hope I would have more grace and forgiveness in my heart.  But I understand, these things take time.

While I did have a few issues with this book (as mentioned above), they were more to do with my own preferences, and the writing styles  I enjoy.  I have read several Love Inspired stories by this author, and have enjoyed those as well.

I give this book 4 stars.

**I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion **

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