Monday, July 19, 2010

Big announcement...

At the end of the school year, I had worked my way up to walking 2-5 miles 3x a week.  I tried to stay consistent with my walking, but the weather (rain) and foot issues were not always my friend. 

After dealing with foot pain off and on for many months, I finally went to a podiatrist.  It seems I have developed what is called a "Plantar Fibroma"'s a non-cancerous cyst (or lump) that is in the arch of my foot.  It can be very painful at times.  The Doctor suggested we just monitor the lump for the time being, surgery is not always a cure all.  It could become larger, more painful, or I could develop more lumps.  Either way, it seems it is here to stay. 

This led me on the "great tennis shoe" search!  Who knew it could be soo difficult to find and purchase a good shoe?  After 1 1/2 months...I have finally found it!  I paid 3x what I am used to paying, but I now realize how important the proper footwear is. 

All the above has been leading up to my big announcement...I exercised this morning!!!  Granted, it was only 2 miles walking with a DVD, but it is soo much more than I have been doing over the summer.  The hardest part of this DVD line?  You are not "just" walking...she has you adding arm motions for cardio, doing kick backs, knee lifts, side steps, etc.  I truely do enjoy doing these DVD's, but have realized these past weeks that I also enjoy sleeping in a little.  Over the summer, I have been staying in bed until imagine my body's shock this morning at having to get up and leave the house at 5:30! 

So, once again, the journey begins.  This never ending, usually difficult, always present, journey of weight loss and healthy living.  Care to jump on the bandwagon with me?  Hold's going to be a bumpy ride!

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