Friday, December 4, 2009


I can't believe it is December already! In light of a busy household, I have not been as faithful to this blog as I would like to be. Does that mean I am not exercising? No, it doesn't. It just means I am trying to get my priorities straight, and if that means not blogging so I can exercise or give my kids one more hug, so be it!

So what have I been doing? Everyday is spent with Leslie Sansone...usually two miles, sometimes 2 1/2. I try to take 2 days off each week from exercising, just to give my body a rest, and lets face it, sometimes I just need a break!

One of my Bible Studies I am currently in, "Running Nowhere in Every Direction", had a chapter recently on "limits". I know personally, as a mom and a wife, I am the last one to realize I have limits, or even when I have reached them. I was reminded of that in this reading...

"first, that man has limited capacity; and second, that overloading the system leads to serious breakdown of performance...."

"Once we reach our limits, fatigue sets in, followed quickly by exhaustion and collapse."

"Neither can you live a healthy life chronically overloaded."

"It is God the Creator who made limits, and it is the same God who placed them within us for our protection."

"...short sleepers may be on the road to hypertension, weight gain, diabetes, even premature aging."

Wow...did I need to hear those! It is so amazing when you read something and think the author had you specifically in mind...when in reality, it was God speaking through that person/book/etc. to get his thoughts to you.

So, God, I am listening. I am slowing down and realizing I have limits. I am weeding out some of the unnecessary "things" in my life, my "time stealer's". I am sleeping more...I am loving my family more...I am loving me more.

I have always lived by Philippians 4:13; which in the NIV translates as "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." I may have taken that verse too literally a time or too, I am not invincible, I do have limits. I have now adapted my thinking of that verse to how The Message translates it..."I can make it through anything" .

So through God's help, I can endure, make it through whatever troubles may come. I can accomplish and do lots of things with His help, but I cannot do everything, especially on my own. I do have limits that He has set for me, and He does know what is best!

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